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What To Do If You Are Facing Workplace Injury And Divorce At The Same Time?

If you are facing an unfortunate time in your life when you have to fight for your workers’ compensation case at the same time as divorce from your life partner, then you should have the strength and legal help to fight both successfully. A workplace injury as well as a divorce can have an emotional toll on your health. However, with smart decisions and proper planning, you can come out of the situation eventually.

If you face a serious workplace injury that can alter your physical or mental capabilities and your partner wants to part ways with you, then here are some strategies that you can adopt.

1. Hire Legal Help

The first thing to do when you are facing legal issues is to hire legal help immediately. For instance, if you live in Greenville SC and you were injured at your workplace, you should immediately hire a workers compensation lawyer greenville, sc to help you proceed with the case. You should also hire a family lawyer at the same time.

Your team of lawyers will guide you with the best legal practices that you can follow to ensure winning in both cases.

2. Notify Your Employer

When you face an injury at your workplace, for instance, if you were exposed to asbestos while working at a construction site or you fell off the ladder in a warehouse, you should immediately report to your manager.

Your employer should know about your injury. You should also inform them about your emotional stress from the divorce case. Initial reporting to the employer can be your strong evidence in winning the compensation case.

3. Document Everything

You should document everything related to both the cases. In a workers’ compensation case, you should document your doctor’s initial medical reports, treatments and medication you had to go through, and the initial reporting to the concerned authorities.

Whereas, in case of divorce you should document all the financial assets that you and your ex-partner had in marriage. You might have to pay alimony as well. Make sure that your documentation is complete and in order.

4. Coordinate Legal Strategies With Lawyers

When you are fighting two cases simultaneously, you should consider keeping your lawyers in coordination with each other. For instance, if you live in Fairhope AL and you are fighting a divorce case with a worker’s compensation case, make sure that you keep your lawyer experienced in family law fairhope al to coordinate with your worker’s compensation attorney.

When your lawyers are working in coordination, you will have your strategies straight.

5.  Seek Emotional Support

You should also look for emotional support during this hard time. Pain from injury and the emotional toll from divorce can impact your overall health negatively. This can make you fall sick and prolong your healing time.


Make sure that you consult a professional therapist for emotional support. Take your mental health seriously and go through the recovery period to make sure that you remain healthy.

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